Epc - european paraglidung Convention

The epc is on Friday and Saturday a B-2-B platform and a branch meeting, which is reserved to the Paraglider Business Professionals. On Sunday the epc is open for all pilots.

You are part of an approved professional group when you are doing your professional activities with regard to the sports business, or you are invited through an exhibitor's recommendation.


  • retail trade
  • Wholesale
  • Brand manufacturers
  • Distributor / sales representative
  • Sports magazine (B2B / B2C)
  • manufacturers, Fabric manufacturers, supplier

Service oriented

  • Flight instructor
  • Designer
  • Event Agency
  • Agency
  • University / Training Center
  • PR agency
  • Travel providers
  • Flight schools
  • sports Medicine
  • Check operation
  • Association organizations
  • Authorities

Which proofs are valid for epc specialists when buying a ticket? Possible evidence is:

  • Trade register extracts with a specific name
  • Commercial applications with a specific name
  • Order calculations (at least from the year 2015 on larger order units (at least 10,000 delivery certificates (at least from the year 2015 on larger order quantities (at least 10,000 €))
  • Or exhibitor's recommendation